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Advisory Services

Timely advice can have a profound long term impact on your future growth. This is what differentiates a hometown CPA from an accountant. 

CPAs are widely used by many types of companies because of their financial expertise and knowledge of how businesses can be managed profitably and positioned for growth.

We concentrate on, but are not limited to, retail stores, professional service corporations, restaurants & motel businesses. At aviar, we offer a depth of advisory services, from setting up a corporation to long term business and financial counsel for all.



There are no certainties when it comes to business cycles, and no amount of guesswork will protect the small business owner from the ups and downs of a changing economy. There are, however, fundamentals steps that you can take to minimize disruptions from increasing prices, changing consumer habits, growing operating risks, competition and fraud. We foresee your business’ future and help you design it in the present.

Our budgeting & planning sessions help you make practical financial decisions. They include but are not limited to:

  • Choosing from different types of corporations

  • Selecting retirement plans, benefit plans and investments plans

  • Buy Vs Lease

  • Growth strategy


Setting up a corporation involves a lot of thought and legal process. Ensuring the long term viability of the business starts with making the correct first steps. As you make your way through the startup process as your professional business adviser, we can be an important ally in evaluating all the available options and help you structure your business to ensure that they fit with your overall objectives.

We make the startup process easier by filling and following up with the different federal, state and local authorities. On occasions, we even help our new entrepreneurs design their business logo and personalized marketing material, including business cards and letterheads; whatever it takes to ensure your financial success.


A well oiled accounting system aids in the decision making process by ensuring all relevant information is always accessible. However, establishing and training your staff on a seamless accounting process could be a daunting task. Your friendly CPA from Aviar can facilitate in setting up your accounting process.

We can also help in training your staff in all aspect of your accounting system; from using your accounting & financial software, to making the correct entries, to help maintaining proper financial recordkeeping.


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